Excuses Are Like…

I’m chatting with a musician playing tonight, place is dead, 45 minutes after doors opened. I say, what’s going on?  You got people coming? He says, I don’t know. I tried. It’s just hard to get people out early on Friday. I say, actually, I have a lot of busy early shows on Fridays. He says, well…we’re a pretty new band. I say, that should be in your advantage. You’re new, people haven’t seen you, are curious what you’re like.

He says, yeah. You’re probably right.

I say, yeah, I’m right. When I’ve had shows in the past, I make posters, paper the town. Hype it up on social media. Do interviews, get in the paper. Text people, call people. I get 100-150 people to come out.

He gets out his phone, says, ok. I’ll text some people.

You know, you spend all this time working on your music, be proud of it, and get people to come see you play. Why play if no one’s going to show up? You got family, at the very least, get them to come out, support you.

I overhear later the musician say to a guy at the bar, yeah. We don’t want to play too much. We don’t want to saturate the market.

I had to LOL at that one, looking around the room at the six people in the bar.

-Clint Curtis

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