The Ascent Of Max Jury

What am I doing here on my blog? Well…I’m a bartender at a music venue, and a martini bar. I write stories about what happens at the bars I work at, and occasionally, personal stories. Like many writers, there’s something particular that draws me in. It can be something a person says or does that makes me laugh. Or scratch my head. Most of the time it’s something I find unique. So, if you make it in my blog, whether good or bad, you’re doing something that I find interesting.

If you’ve read a few of my stories, you’ll notice I don’t write much about bands. I feel like there’s people that review music for a living, that can do it much better than I. I have a friend named Marc Hogan that’s very talented in this field. When I get the chance, I’ll always read one of his reviews. I usually agree with what he has to say.

With that said, I’d like to talk about a musician that I’m acquainted with. I met him maybe two years ago, he comes into the bar, with disheveled hair, good-looking, medium height. His name is Max Jury. I don’t know much about him, but I know his “home base” is Des Moines, Iowa. The first thing I mentioned to him was how he has an amazing name. Max Jury? C’mon. That’s a rock star name. It’s strong. It’s catchy. It stands out. A guy named Max Jury is destined for some kind of success, and he’s on his way.

He records with a buddy of mine named Logan Christian. A talented guy in his own right, he records a lot of the more successful bands from Des Moines. He’s a good guy too. And with it. He gives me updates on Mr Max Jury, what he’s doing, when I haven’t seen him in awhile. He’s touring Europe with Lana Del Ray. He’s negotiating a record deal with a label. Etcetera.

Recently, I was talking to Logan, and he told me his management was pressuring him for a hit. I ask him what the song is. He says, it’s a song called Home. I say, you got it on your phone? He thinks for a sec, then says, yeah. I say, let’s hear it! I plug in his phone to the bar’s stereo, hit play, and listen to the song. Catchy. Pretty chorus. “I’m a long, long way. From home…”

A couple days ago, I see a link on social media to a new video from Max of the song. Damn. It’s good. I think the song is a hit. You’re singing the chorus along with him by the end of the song. There’s a gorgeous girl in it. Logan tells me it was shot on the wet streets of Paris. Sexy is a good word for it.

I’m linking the video for you to check out. It’s worth your time. Next time you’re at the bar, and see Max Jury, buy him three fingers of Jameson. That’s his drink.

And of course, remember this story when he becomes huge,

And that I called it.

-Clint Curtis

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