Mark Zuckerberg Comes Into The Bar

It’s Thursday night, pint night, I roll in at 9pm. Place is dead. Bartender behind the bar has three customers. Two guys at a booth.

I stop at the booth, couple of my regulars, we chit-chat for a bit. Zach and Matt. Usually always in the bar on a Thursday night.

Zach says, I passed the physical test for being a firefighter. That’s awesome!  I say.

He’s been keeping me posted the last couple of weeks. He’s applying to be a firefighter, and it sounds like a grueling process. Physical test, written test, then verbal. Something like 1,000 guys applying for 30 positions.

I take my leave, go behind the bar. Looks like it’s going to be a slow night. I relieve my fellow bartender, I get to bartending.

Then 20 minutes later, WHAM. 50 people in the bar, no joke. What’s going on?  A bunch of tech-guys. Guys that do start-ups. I see a bunch of Dwolla dudes. Most of the guys I don’t know. Must be from out of town.

An hour goes by, my regular Matt comes up to the bar, says, you know Mark Zuckerburg’s here. What? I say. The Facebook guy? He says, yeah.

First thing I think is, here’s my story for the blog tomorrow.

There’s a lot of people in front of the bar. I peer over them, curious to see this Zuckerberg guy. Makes sense, I guess I could see the guy supporting the start-ups.

But I can’t see him.

I say to Matt, where is he?  I can’t see him.

He says, he’s over there, sitting at a booth with Bill Gates.

-Clint Curtis

zuckerberg rave

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