Asian Guy Vs Door Guy

It’s around 1AM, I’m tired, been at the bar since 3pm.

Asian guy comes up to the bar, sits down. He’s got a Bud bottle in front of him. Only problem is this:  we don’t sell Bud in the bottle, just tall boy cans.

Hey, my man. Where’d you get the Bud?  He thinks a millisecond, then says, I got it here.

Ah the world loves a liar, don’t we?

Sorry, man. We don’t sell Bud in a bottle. You can either take it outside where you got it, or give it to me. He gets up off his chair, leaves.

15 minutes later, he’s back. I want a Bud, he demands. I get it for him. Four dollars, please. He gives me a withering look, as if he can’t believe that I’d actually charge him. He looks through his wallet for an extended amount of time, then gives me a card. I run it,


Sorry, sir. This card has been declined. He reaches in his pockets. Looks through his wallet again.  I grab the Bud, put it in the ice.

He gets up, says, I’ll get the money. He walks towards the stage. That guy’s gone.

Five minutes later, he’s at the bar, being belligerent. I overhear him say to the door guy, the bartender’s a faggot, couple times. I think about going up to him, saying something like, do you have a problem with me being gay? Throw him off a bit. I look back over, moments later, a melee ensues. Door guy vs Asian guy. I watch the whole thing go down. Both are throwing punches. Asian guy’s buddy steps in between them, trying to break it up. I turn to my fellow bartender, he says, I’ll take care of it.

You know, in these instances, sorry, I don’t get involved. Life’s to precious for me. I’m not getting punched by some drunk asshole. Not worth getting involved.

The door guy, the Asian guy, his friend, my fellow bartender, all in a clump, arms flailing about. The whole group gets pushed out the front door. Good. Get that shit out of the bar. My fellow bartender and the door guy are gone for minutes, I resume bartending.

Show must go on.

The employees of the Mews get back in, I go to the door guy, say, what happened? He says, he kept on saying the N word to me, and I can’t have that.

Huh. An Asian homophobic, drunk racist.

Always a good combo.

-Clint Curtis


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