When A Girl Gives A Guy Their Number

Cute girl comes up to the bar, she’s cool, I know her. I’ve actually written a couple stories about this girl in the past. What can I say?  She gives me good material.

I say, what’s up?  You know, how you do. She says, I got a funny story for you, Clint. I say, let’s hear it. She says, I got a text from a guy today. I’ll read it to you.

She gets out her phone.

She reads.

Hi this is Drew. I met you at the bar on Saturday night. Would love to have a drink with you sometime.

Ok, I say. What’s the problem?  She says, I don’t remember who it was!!!  I was so drunk, I had gone to a wedding on Saturday.

Ok. It’s a wedding. You’re single, you get wasted at weddings. Understandable.

I say, did you text him back?

She says, I did. I told him I didn’t remember giving him my number.

I say, you know what?  You need to go out with him, have a drink. Who cares?  It’s a drink. And there must be something good about him. You DID give him your number.

Let me break it down to you. I’ll keep it simple. If you give someone your number, and they text you back, asking if you’d like to go out for a drink, you MUST go. No exceptions.

I’m talking about both guys and girls. Guy gives a girl his number, she contacts him, wanting to go out for a drink, you MAN UP, no matter what, and meet her out for a drink.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Clint, Clint, the guy PRESSURED ME into giving him my number.

You know what?

If you’re in that situation, you have two options. You tell him, straight up, I don’t want to give you my number. If you don’t have the balls to do that, give him a bad number. Again, do not give him your number, under any circumstances, if you’re not interested in seeing him or her again. That’s being a dick, and a coward. Have a little respect for the human race, stop right there at the moment of giving them your number, and DON’T LEAD THEM ON.

After I talk to her, a guy sidles up next to her, orders a drink. I start making it for him, he reaches into his front pocket, for his wallet. But I see it’s not a wallet. It’s his credit card, his license, etcetera etcetera, in a Ziplock bag. He is using a Ziplock bag as a wallet.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, should you EVER give out your number, to someone who uses a Ziplock for a wallet.

-Clint Curtis


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