The Lion King Walks Into The Bar

I’m behind the bar, it’s early, maybe five people in the house, band on stage, sound checking. I’m on my phone, looking at my blog, checking stats, etcetera. Embarrassed to admit, but I can get a little obsessed with it. How many new people today?  Only 49?  What the hell?  

After my stats, I read through the story I recently posted. Oh DAMN!!!  I got a damn TYPO. I HATE TYPOS!!! Nothing worse than a typo. It can ruin my day.

Here’s the problem:  I don’t feel confident in my WordPress Ap. Last time I used it to edit, it got glitchy. I think it actually deleted the story. Don’t want to do that for one typo.

Ok. I look around the room. What are my options? I have to find someone with a laptop. Out of the five people in the room, nobody looks like they have a laptop.

Coincidentally, I was having a brief conversation with the sound guy an hour before, and he had told me his laptop just died on him. So he doesn’t have one.

Inspiration strikes. There’s a coffee shop right next door to us. Somebody’s always on a laptop in there.

I go over, walk in. At the first table in front of me is an Asian girl on a laptop. Huh. And she happens to be gorgeous. Let’s see. What are my other options?  I look around the room, see a big pimply 40 year-old guy on a laptop from the 40’s.

Asian girl will have to do.


I approach. Hi, this is going to sound like a weird request. Long story short, I have a blog, I just realized I made a typo on my story today, and I can’t fix it on my phone. Do you think I could borrow your laptop for 30 seconds tops?

She says, sure!  With a bright smile.

What a girl.

I sit down, she says, I have a couple blogs too. What are you on?  I say, She says, I’m on there too. She gets on the site, logs out of her account, then spins the computer over to me. I say, thank you so much for doing this!!!  I really appreciate it. I make a couple clicks, make the correction, bada-bing, bada-boom, I’m done.

I say, you live in Des Moines?  She says, no. New York. I say, what are you doing here?  She says, I’m in Lion King at the Civic Center. I say, awesome!  I saw the show couple years ago. Really good.

I tell her, I work at a martini bar down the street called the Lift. I work Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. You come in, I’ll buy you a martini. She says, that would be great!

I say, thanks again, and make my leave.

What a great girl. Who would’ve known a typo would lead to meeting someone in the Lion King?

Week goes by, I forget about it. I’m working martini night, it’s slowing down, I hear the door open, I see eight gorgeous black men with biceps, chiseled faces, and style, walk in. Who are these guys? I wonder. One of the guys comes up. Hey. Are you the bartender with the blog?  I say, yeah. I have a blog. He says, Lynelle told us to come in. She met you, you talked to her about your blog? Oh, I say. The hot Asian girl. Are you in the Lion King?  He says, yeah. I say, is she coming?  He says, she hurt her back in the performance tonight, so she couldn’t make it.

What a girl. Can’t come, but still hypes up the place for me.

You know, I meet a great girl, I get half the cast from Lion King to come into the bar,

All becuase of a typo.

-Clint Curtis


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