Call You Out

11 years ago, new to bartending, I’m behind the bar, it’s early Monday, I’m chatting with my boss. I don’t remember what we were talking about. The door opens, two guys walk in. They stop at the door, look around. Yes, I know, not much of a party, but someone has to be the first.

They confer for a few moments, do an about-face, and leave.

My boss turns to me, says, what was that?  I say, what do you mean?  He says, those guys came in, you didn’t say ANYTHING. I say, um…they didn’t want to come in. What am I supposed to do? He says, call ’em out!  Say something!  Get them to stay.

Huh. What an interesting concept. I can do that.

Last night, it’s kind of busy, I’m helping a customer, I see two guys walk into the bar. They stop couple steps away from the door. They look undecided. After a moment, they start to turn back towards the door. I yell,

HEY, HEY, HEY. Where you guys going?  C’mon in, you’re already here, you can have ONE DRINK.

They turn to each other, then almost simultaneously, shrug their shoulders, walk up to the bar, order drinks.

Got ’em.

Later on, an hour later, I’m picking up empties off the table. One of the guys I got to stay, comes up to me, says,

Jeez. I’ve never been called out like that before. And I think,

Thanks, boss.

Lesson learned.

-Clint Curtis


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