Nacho Man

When I’m at the bar, and I get ideas for stories, I jot then down on little pieces of paper. At the end of the night, I put the notes in my wallet. I just cleaned out my wallet, and I have 9 of these pieces of paper in there. The funny thing is, I don’t have any idea what most of them mean. Here’s some examples…

Pristine maze:  I vaguely recall a girl in a dress and the pattern on the dress looked like a maze. I made a stupid comment naturally about getting a pen to follow the maze. I believe then we had a discussion about how you can only really do a maze in one of the coloring books once. You can’t really erase the lines.

Ok. I kinda remembered that one. Here’s another:

Panties:  I remember using the word panties in a conversation I had at the bar. I feel really funny using the word panties as a 43 year-old man. I guess I could say women’s underwear, but that’s like saying African-American. Almost too politically correct.

MD:  Did a doctor come in?  Did I have a conversation with them?  I’m at a loss.

Trying so hard:  This could be a number of things. We all try very, very hard, don’t we?  Maybe I was thinking about a racquetball analogy?  The better you are, the less you try.

Something interesting:  Huh. No interesting memory happening.

If I get AIDS:  Some guy said this at the bar. I think he was taking a drink from a glass that was not his own. Hence, he could get AIDS. Which I think would be hard.

Nacho Man:  I remember this one. Band member walks into the club singing Macho, Macho man. I want to be a Macho Man. But I misheard him, and I thought he said Nacho Man. I think that would’ve been more funny.

I just got hassled:  Something a guy said when he was getting kicked out.

What was that?:  Jeez. I’m supposed to remember what that means?  I’ve got to get more specific on my notes.

Sell Drugs:  I remember this one. Had a conversation with a guy at the bar. Known him for about 8 months. I ask him what he does, and he says, enthusiastically,

I’m a drug dealer!!!

-Clint Curtis


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