Check Out The Vocab On Drunk Guy

Round 1:30am, guy comes in. He’s a semi-semi regular. I know his off-again, on-again girlfriend a little bit better, but he’s a cool guy, in my book.

He’s drunk. No, I’d say wasted. He comes up to the bar, starts hollering things about this guy being in Good Burger.

I don’t know who he was talking about.

He asks for a beer, I kindly tell him I had already called last call, which was somewhat true.

He says, I’ll give you money, you play this band for me. I say, who is it?  He says Courtney something. I say, sure. He slams down a twenty, and his phone, says, here you go.

Thanks. Nice doin’ business wit cha.

I play his music, whatever, I don’t care. Better than what I was playing,

And my tip jar is just a little bit heavier.

The night goes on, almost done, I run tabs, start changing gears for the close.

I get everybody out by 1:50am, except for a friend and drunk guy with the phone. I hand him his phone back, say, here you go, man. He says something to the effect of, thanks for playing it. He turns around, starts “walking” out the door. I call out to him,

You’re not driving, are you?

He says, driving?!?!  Hell no.

That would be EGREGIOUS.

I laugh, because I think,

Good word coming from a drunk guy.

-Clint Curtis


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