How Do You Get Someone To Say Two Words?

Girl comes up to the bar, I know her, girlfriend of a buddy. She just got done doing door at the Mews. I say, how was it? She says, slow. I say, how many? She says, 40. I say, how was the music? She says, fine. I say,

Can you say more than one word?

She says, nope.

There’s a cluster of guys surrounding the girl, I say, how can you make someone say more than one word? And that started up a myriad of discussions during the course of the night.

One guy says, ok, you ask them, what’s your favorite cliché? I say, hmm. That’s a good one. He says, you gotta say more than one word. There’s no clichés that are only one word. I say,

What if I say “myself?” I’m walking around, I’m cliché as hell. Maybe I’m my favorite cliché?

Here’s a ground rule to this: It has to be air-tight. The person MUST have to say more than one word.

My fellow bartender says, ok, tell me your name? First, middle, last. I say, not bad. Not bad. But we want to provoke them to say more than one WORD. Technically, a name isn’t a word you’re going to find in the dictionary.

Another rule. Has to be words.

Another guy who tells me he’s a teacher, says, you ask them a why question. I say, give me an example. He says… I don’t remember his example, but we came to the conclusion that you could say “because” or “dunno” for any why question.

Not air-tight.

He says, ok. EXPLAIN to me why… I say, no. You shouldn’t TELL THEM or FORCE THEM to say more than one word. You need to provoke a response, rather than FORCE a response.

What about multiple questions in one sentence? What do you think about this and this? I say, that’s kinda cheating. I think you should keep it to ONE QUESTION, rather than two questions. That seems too easy.

I asked about twenty people during the course of the night, and they couldn’t come up with an air-tight answer. What about you? Do you know the answer to the question?

Please don’t just say yes…or nah.

-Clint Curtis


5 thoughts on “How Do You Get Someone To Say Two Words?

  1. Travis

    Hmm. This really tricky. I think you can reply with “dunno” to just about any question. If it weren’t for that, I think I would have one or two questions that might work. But it seems like there really isn’t a question you can ask that couldn’t have a one word answer.


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