Being Judged At The Check-Out Line

On Monday nights, my night off, I like to go the grocery store, get my snacks for the week. My wife does most of the shopping for the family. We go to Whole Foods, get the good stuff. But when I go to the grocery store,

I mainly buy junk.

I try to even it out, you know. I grab raisins, then cookies from the ORGANIC SECTION. A good local granola for my cereal, and chips. Newman’s Own Fig Newman’s, and randomly, eggs.

I finish, head up to the front. It’s midnight, not too many shoppers, only one lane open.

And they’re never there! You have to look around. HELLO?!?! NEED HELP.

Looks like cashier’s been stocking, she runs up. She says, how you doin’ tonight? I say, good good.

I place the items on the conveyor belt, and then I look away. OH SHE’S GOING TO JUDGE ME. Well, would you look at this guy, and how UNHEALTHY he eats. Sweet and Sour pretzels, AND chips? I’m surprised this guy’s so skinny.

The final item goes through, I get out my credit card, swipe. I really want to say NO at this point, because I know what she’s going to say to me.

But I let her have her moment.

Do you have a Hy-Vee Fuel Saver card?

I say, no.

-Clint Curtis


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