Everybody Loves A Magic Trick

I’m at Barnes And Nobles with my son Henry. I’m buying a book on Real Estate, he’s in the toy section. I told him he could get something. Problem is, I have another son, and I can’t just get Henry something. I have to get them ALL something.

Henry’s in the Lego aisle. Yeah. There’s a whole aisle for Lego’s. When the HELL did they start selling toys at bookstores?!?!  

Probably right when people stopped buying actual books.

I’ve got my book, Henry’s looking at Ninjago now, I guess I’ll try to find something for my other son Liam.

25 Magic Tricks!

This looks interesting.

I pick up the box. Apparently it has magic tricks inside.

Magic tricks. Huh. I forgot all about them.

When I was a kid, I went through a magic phase. There was this AMAZING store in Cedar Rapids that sold primarily magic stuff. Every time I’d be in CR, and was at the mall, I’d go to this store.

I inspect the box. 25 bucks. Damn. Better be some good magic tricks. My son Henry says, I want a Ninjago watch!  Whatever kid. Get it, and let’s go.

We get home, Henry runs in, says, look what Dad got me. He rushes to go show Liam. Hey!  He says. You got something for Henry and not for me?!?!?

See. I told you.

I hand him the bag. He opens it, looks a bit confused. I say, it’s magic tricks, open it up, let’s do ’em.

He opens up the package, dumps everything out on the floor. Couple packs of cards, a big card, and a DVD. I look…where’s the directions?  Oh. Must be on the DVD.

Aren’t they cute.

After dinner, we put on the DVD, learn a trick. After two seconds of learning the basics of the trick, my son says, I’m gonna go show mom.

I say, wait, wait, wait, wait. We gotta work on this before you show anybody. Doing a trick is not just about learning how to do it. It’s about coming up with a performance around it. You don’t just say, boom, there it is. You have to DRAW YOUR AUDIENCE IN with your words, and the story you tell.

I bet I made that kid do it ten times to me.

You gotta say this…don’t fan the cards with your right finger, it’s awkward. You have to smooth it out.

Finally when I felt he was ready, I allowed him to perform the trick. You have to RESPECT THE TRICK.

And do you know what the most important rule is for a magician?

He says, no.

I say, never. NEVER tell them how you do the trick.

He goes upstairs, does the trick for mom, and kills it.

I grab the cards, start coaching him a bit more. You were good with this, but when you show the cards, say something like this…


I tell him, you mind if I borrow the cards, do the trick at work?

He says, fine.

I take it to work, do the trick for about fifty people, and they love it. I bet I made more tips because of it too!!!  Hey, bartenders. Learn a magic trick, get more tips.

Because everybody loves a magic trick.

-Clint Curtis


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