Started A Band

Old friend comes into the bar, we’re chatting, he says, hey, guess what?  I just started a band. Oh yeah?  I say. He says, yeah. We’re called 128 Megabytes. But for the life of us, we can’t seem to get a gig.

I say, that’s not bad. You come up with that?  He says, mostly.

We start discussing how to make the joke better. I say,

How many megabytes are in a gig?  He says, I don’t know.

I look it up. 1,000 megabytes are in a gig.

I say, what if you’re closer to a gig. Like 999.

What about this?…

Later on I approach these three guys at the bar. We start talking, I say, hey guess what!!  I just started a band. We’re called 999 Megabytes.

They start smiling, as if they know where this is going.

I say, yeah. But we’ve had the worst luck. Our van broke down, there was a death in our drummer’s family. I mean,

We can’t seem to get to a gig.

-Clint Curtis

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