The Ice Machine Coincidence

I get into the Lift last night, I find out, that our ice machine is broken. This, my friends, is a pain in the rear-end. You have to trudge down to our other bar, the Mews, grab ice from their cooler. And it takes about two, three trips. There’s 15 minutes tacked onto the opening.

Another problem is, the Mews has an outdoor bar on the weekends. We barely make it to Sunday with enough ice to adequately supply both bars. Our ice machine is from the 1940’s.

Before I begin my shift, I go down to the Mews, to get two buckets for back-up ice. I get to the back room with my two buckets, start scooping. Huh. Interesting.

The ice machine constantly makes ice unless it’s completely full. It knows when it gets to a certain place, to shut off. But when it’s running, you can tell by the sound of running water making the ice.

Here’s the interesting thing.

It’s not running.

Today I wake up to 10 texts from my boss and my managers for both bars.


Both ice machines are broken.

-Clint Curtis


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