How To Approach A Girl At The Bar With A Guy Next To Her

It’s Saturday night, guy comes up to the bar, it’s been a busy night, but there’s a lull for the moment.

We chat a bit. He says, you see the blond on the couch, with the guy?  I look over. Yeah, I say. He says, I want to go talk to her, but how do I do it, with the guy there?

I look over again, asses the situation, make a few observations. I watch their body language together. I’m going to say they’re just friends. He might be gay, of course, nothing wrong with that. HOW ABOUT SAME-SEX MARRIAGE?!?!  Finally, the rest of the country is catching up to the great state of Iowa.

There’s a chair by the couch to her right, a coffee table in front of her.

At this time, a friend of the guy I’m talking to comes up, she gets in on our conversation.

I say, ok, this is easy.

You go up, say politely, is anyone sitting here? She’ll say, no. You sit down, your friend here, if she’s feeling like being a wingman (woman) sits on the chair. You start talking to her, THEN, you casually bring the blond INTO your conversation. Something like, we’re talking about taking a class analyzing people’s handwriting. What do you think about that?  She gives her opinion, the conversation begins, you put on the charm, you get the number. Easy.

They go over, I start bartending again. I look over five minutes later, he’s talking to her.

Later on, end of night, guy comes back to the bar. I say, how’d it go?  Did ya get the digits?  He says, yeah. She wants to fuck me. I say, alright. There you go.

I start cleaning, escort the few remaining stragglers out the door. The guy that got the digits is the last to go, he says, we need to get together. We could learn SO MUCH from each other.

I say, sounds good, bud. He walks out, I close the door, lock it,

And get back to work cleaning up.

-Clint Curtis

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