How To Know When Someone Is Giving You A Fake ID

I’m chatting with my fellow bartender, he’s new to the game, been bartending for six months.

He asks, how can you prove that someone is giving you a fake ID?

I say, that’s easy. This is what I do. First off, I ask them, what’s your middle name?  You have to watch how they answer the question. Is there a pause? No one has to think about what their middle name is. If they hesitate, if they don’t know, something’s up.

Let’s say they get that right. Next, you say,

What’s your sign?

EVERYONE knows their own sign, whether or not they know all the astrological signs. Ok, they may live under a rock of oblivion, they don’t know. So lastly, you say,

Show me some other card in your wallet that has your name on it. Library card, Sam’s Club card, anything. When they look down at their wallet, obviously filled with other cards that have their name on it, and they say, I don’t have anything else,

You know they’re giving you the old fake ID.

-Clint Curtis

IMG_3549 (2)

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