80/35 Weekend

It’s Sunday late afternoon. I’m at the Mews, got 15 minutes before doors for the early show. 

80/35 was this weekend, and I’m pretty burned out. For those that are not familiar, 80/35 is a yearly music festival in Des Moines, Iowa. It’s become really cool. Headliners this year were Wilco and Weezer. I guess there were something like 10,000 tickets sold to the main stage. And there’s other stages outside the main area for free. 

Friday night we had an after-hour party at the Mews. Only about 300 people showed up. At one time, we had four bartenders behind the bar, and it was still insanely busy. You look up, there’s a line of people at the bar waiting to get drinks, and then behind them, there’s a line of people waiting to get drinks, and then behind them…

You get it. 

Overall a great night. Tires had a reunion show and that was amazing. I talked to Phil Young after, the leader of the group, and he told me that they have a few more shows booked, so look out for that. 

Saturday was a busy day for me. I worked the VIP tent at 80/35 from 2-8, had 2 hours off, then back to bartending at the Mews. After I got done with my early shift, I hit up the gym, took a long, luxurious shower, and did a sauna for 20 minutes. Helped me rejuvenate for the late shift. 

Saturday night at the Mews went smoothly. Kristy Rahm and I were behind the bar, and able to handle it. 

And now here I am in the stairwell, getting myself psyched up for two more shows.  

-Clint Curtis


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