Save The Cell Phone

I’m behind the bar, it’s martini night.  Guess what I’m doin’?  Yep.  Pouring waterfalls of martinis.

I approach a couple at the bar.  Have you decided?  The guys says, I’ll have an Eddie Haskell, and she’ll have the Something Fruity.  Great, I say.

I make them.

I put two martini glasses in front of them, shake up the shakers, take the caps off, then start pouring one.

GUSH.  Top FLIPS OPEN, I am literally pouring a martini on top of the bar.  The big problem with this is, his cell phone is in the line of fire.  I am pouring a martini onto his cell phone.

Not good.

I am truly amazed at my reaction time.  It all goes really fast, maybe 2 seconds tops, I set the martini shaker down, and lunge at the cell phone, grab it, yank it out like I was pulling out a fish from the lake.  Luckily, I have a towel in my back pocket, I yank that from my pocket, and start frantically wiping the cell phone off.  It’s just covered in martini.  I get the front, sides, back, then I blow into the area you plug it in.

I think I may have caught it in time, I hand it back to the guy, make my apologizes, ask, does it still work?  He checks it, says, yeah.  Still working.  I breathe a sigh of relief.

At that moment, I am able to asses the damage.  I say, did i dump BOTH martini shakers onto the bar?  Jesus.  The guys says, yeah.

But you saved my phone.

True dat.

-Clint Curtis


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