OK I Lie

I’m in real estate class, our focus for the next two days is ethics. All about how to be an honest real estate agent with integrity, and the desire to do what’s right. 

And the whole time I’m thinking…

This is kinda BS. 

Not that I don’t appreciate the concept of ethics, but I believe the tenents of ethics are really hard to follow. 

My teacher asked us what are the kinds of qualities to have to be a good real estate agent, and the first thing someone said was,


This is where I stumble. 

(Already, I know, first quality to have on the board).

Not to say I lie all the time. 

…Just about 87% of the day. 

Oh c’mon. Don’t judge. You know you lie too. For the simple fact that you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. 

And if you’re in business, if you tell people how things really are,

You’re going to be out of business. 

Since this is a bartender’s blog, I’ll give you a couple examples at work where I don’t necessarily tell the truth. 

Now you know REALISTICALLY that not all bands that play the music venue I work at are good. Some of them suck, ok?  But when they come up to the bar, after their show, do I tell them they suck?

Oh hells no. 

I say, oh man really liked your band. 

Or, you guys were great!

This usually happens right before they’re about to sign their tab. 

You can probably guess why. 

But here’s how maybe you don’t lie. You keep your mouth shut, or actually, answer their question with a non-sequitur. This happened to me recently, and it was THE ONLY WAY I was going to get out of a potentially bad confrontation. 

Long story short, random guy not performing grabs mic, starts yelling at people to come dance. After five minutes of him with the mic, I gently go over to him, and take the mic away from him. 

Him: Why did you take the mic from me?

Me: Thanks so much for being here my man. 

Him: What?  That doesn’t answer my question. 

Me: Hang on a second, I’ve got to go help a customer. 

By the end, we were cool, I mean, I DIDN’T LIE. I was thankful for him being at the bar. 

Ok…not really. 

-Clint Curtis

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