Taking Down Stools

I get in the bar 8ish, I walk in, a band member follows me in the bar. 

Hey, he says. 

I say, hey. 

He says, we’re playing here tonight. Should we load in?

I say, we’re actually going to have you play outside. Is that ok?

He says, yeah. 

I start taking the bar stools off the bar. 

I say, you can load in through the front, or the side door. 

I point to the side door. 

He says, ok. Our band’s out front. 

I say, great. 

At this point, I’ve got two more stools to put down. This is my very first thing I do when I get in. 

He takes off. 

It’s been a long day for me. Woke up pretty early, did some studying, exercised, family time, lawn, shower, now work. I’ve got a lot on my mind. 

I hear the band members at the door, bringing in their equipment. I stop, look to my left, and realize
I’ve put all the stools BACK on top of the bar. 

I start taking the stools down again, the band enter the bar, with amps, with musical instruments. The guy I was talking to earlier, passes me by. 

I don’t know, it’d be funny if that guy was aware. If he was, he must’ve felt a strong sense of déjà vu. 

I could swear I just witnessed the bartender taking down all the stools. But, after a minute, he is still taking down stools. And some that I SWEAR had been taken down


-Clint Curtis

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