Are You Croatian?

Girl comes up to the bar. She’s attractive in a non-conventional sort of way. She says, can I get my tab?  I say, sure!  What’s the first name on the tab?  She tells me. 

That is a strange name. It sounds like an exotic name for a kitchen utensil. Definitely not your average name. 

I get her the card, start running it. I say, your name?  What’s the origins of it?  She says, it’s Eastern European. Croatian. I say, cool. It’s unique. She says, do you think you could get me a cup of water?  I say, sure!

I get her the cup of water, give it to her, say, so…are you Croatian?

She says, almost angrily, WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?

She says it, as if, I had been stalking her, and knew this private information about her I shouldn’t know. 

I say, um…  You said your name was Croatian. I guess I was putting two and two together. 

She says, oh. 

Yeah, I’m Croatian. 

-Clint Curtis

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