Joy Autumn Rainbow

It’s 9ish Saturday night. Looks like it’s going to busy, already about 40-50 people in the bar. 

Blond comes up to the bar, orders a drink, I make it, give it to her, she starts a tab. I write down her name. It’s Joy. I go help another customer. 

Five minutes later, girl comes up, orders a drink, starts a tab. I write her name down. It’s Autumn. 

Ten minutes later, girl comes up…

I write her name down. It’s 


Wait a minute. Joy Autumn Rainbow. I say it out loud. 

Joy Autumn Rainbow. 

I instantly feel better about life!  

I have a friend at the bar, I say, I want you to say three words in succession. When you say these three words together, it’s going to change your outlook on life. Maybe…it might CHANGE your life. He says, oh yeah?  What’s that?  I say,

Say the words Joy Autumn Rainbow. 

He says, that’s it?

I say, yeah. You say those words together, it will instantly lighten your mood. 

He says, ok. Joy Autumn Rainbow. 

I look at him. Well?  How do you feel?  Much better, huh?

He says, I don’t know. I’m pretty drunk, I can’t tell. 

-Clint Curtis


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