I’m behind the bar, guy comes up. Shaved head, big beard, tattoos, a bad boy. Tee-hee. 

He says, I met you a number of years ago, with John Carles. I say, oh yeah!  Man, you look totally different. 

It’s slow, we chat, he opens up. I’ve got a drinking problem, I’m an alcoholic. Had an intervention in January. I say, with your family? He says, yeah. All in a room. It was bad. Went on a three day bender right after it. I ask, did you get help?  He says, yeah. I’ve been to rehab twice. I say, well that’s good! You’re getting help. He says, yeah. Somewhat. I say, one of the greatest things I’ve ever done was to get sober. If I hadn’t, my life would probably be in ruins. He says, yeah. Must be tough as a bartender. I say, yeah. Can be. 

Then he says, so… Could I get a Jack and Coke?  Make it a double. 

-Clint Curtis

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