South By

I’m behind the bar, late show, just getting started. About ten people scattered about, musicians sitting at the bar, sipping Coors Banquets, and Strongbows.

I overhear one of the band members say to the other, you remember that time at South By… Yeah, South By wasn’t that great this year.

For those of you who live under mounds and mounds of garbage, South By is short for South By Southwest. THE hipster music festival in Austin, Texas. I must admit, when I’ve heard a band played “South By”, I’m usually impressed.

I want to get a band together. Pick the best musicians money can’t buy. Rehearse, get good, get really good, record an album, release it, to critical acclaim. Then I want to book a couple shows at South By, because hell, we’re so hot right now, why WOULDN’T we play South By?  Then I want to casually hang out in music venues before we play South By, and NONCHALANTLY talk to my bandmates about how we’re going to play South By, well…when we play a couple shows at South By. (When you’re really up-and-coming, you don’t just play one show at South By. You play A COUPLE SHOWS at South By).

Then, after we play our show(s) at South By I’ll break up the band, because, really, all I ever wanted to accomplish with the band is to be able to say, yeah, I’m playing South By,

Instead of all the RUBES that say, I’m going to South By Southwest.

-Clint Curtis

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