Which Side Is The Gas Tank On?

Why is it, every time I pull in the gas station, I have to rack my brain to figure out which side my gas tank is on?  If I didn’t cheat, and look in my side mirror, I’d be sitting in front of the pumps for days. My family has two vehicles. The wife mainly drives a Volvo station wagon, and I drive a Ford Escape. On the Ford, if you look in the mirror, you can see that there’s a lip where you put your finger in to open up the gas tank. But on the Volvo, there’s none. It’s flush. And you have to push a button. I have gotten out of her car, numerous times, gone to the gas tank, and then realized, damn it!  I have to go push the button. You have to go back in the car, figure out WHERE the button is, push it, then go back to the gas tank. It’s always quite humorous when you do the whole thing, go back to the gas tank, then realize, shit. I didn’t push the button hard enough!!!!

-Clint Curtis

2 thoughts on “Which Side Is The Gas Tank On?

  1. oldermusicgeek

    If you look on the gas gauge, there’s an arrow next to the picture of the pump that shows which side it’s on.


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