An Internet Star “Plays” The Mews

We had an Internet star play the Mews tonight. Ok, “play” is a stretch. He didn’t have a band, he didn’t have an instrument. He stood in front of the stage, and teenage girls took pictures with him. Yeah, what’s the catch, right?  No catch. Come in, pay $20 cover, get to spend 30 seconds with an Internet star. Hug him, take a picture with him. They had merch too, and by the look of it, they sold a lot. They had at least twenty people show up for it. And when I say at least twenty, I mean 215. That’s $20 a head. You do the math. 

Now I’m standing behind the bar for the late show, the second band is on stage, playing hard rock. I look around the room, there’s twenty people tops. And by twenty, I mean fourteen. I try to get my head wrapped around it. 

Band plays together for years, spends thousands and thousands on gear, on recording. They play, make $5. 

Seventeen year old kid does 6 second Vine videos, comes to the Mews, makes thousands. 

This is where I shake my head, and say I don’t understand. But I won’t. 

Because that would mean I’m old. 

-Clint Curtis

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