Best Friends After That

There’s a guy here at the bar. I don’t like him. I’ve never liked him. The reasons are numerous. I don’t need to go into them here. 

I’m a firm believer in, you gotta problem with someone, you tell them. Why bottle it up?  Why talk behind their back?  If the opportunity presents itself, why not let it rip?  You’ll feel better about it, in the long run. Hey, who knows, it might clear the air, you become best friends after that. This actually happened to me in high school. I hated this guy, he pissed me off so much. We got into it one day in the library, we called a truce, then I swear, we became best friends after that. 

The guy comes up to the bar, the one I don’t like, maybe my future new best friend. I know he moved away six months ago, maybe he’s just visiting. I say, hey. He says, hey. I say, what’s going on?  He says, well…I moved back from Ohio. I say, oh that sucks. 

I was really happy that you had left. 

He laughed, and now we have a dinner date. 

-Clint Curtis

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