Help Someone Out

About a month ago, I’m chatting with a customer, I find out she’s an actor. She seems cool, has a good look, and a positive vibe. I say, are you with the Peak Agency? Peak is a modeling/acting agency in Des Moines. I’ve been with them for a good four years now, my agent’s name is Steve Meyers. 

She says, no. I actually did contact them awhile back, but they told me they already have people that have my look. I tell her, let me email my agent, put in the good word for you, he’ll set up an interview with you, you’ll go in, and kill it. She says, that would be awesome!  I email my agent, recommend her, he gets in contact with her, they meet up, and he signs her. Boom!  Really happy for her. And she was SO appreciative of it. When I get the opportunity, I love to help someone out. It feels good to help somebody along their way in this world. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for other people’s kindnesses. 

And other great things happen when you help someone…

She tells me, I want to do something to repay you!  I say, that’s not necessary. I’m just happy I can be of some help. She says, I’m going to do something for you. I say, no need. 

I’m bartending last night, she comes up to the bar, sits down, says, what?  You don’t want to sell a house?  I say, wha?

I’m a realtor by day…bartender by night. 

She says, my husband emailed you. We want to go look at a house!  I say, WHAT?!?!  I never got an email from him!!!  She says, hang on a sec. She gets out her phone, starts looking for the email. She says, is your email address

I say, NO!  It’s 

(Notice how I just slyly put my email in right there, so when you’re ready, dear readers, you’ll email me when you’re ready to buy a house).

I say, what did the email say?  She says, we’re ready to buy a house. We know which one we want to look at. We’re already pre-approved, and if we like it, we’re ready to make an offer. 

Well HOT DAMN!!!

I say, I’ll email your husband back, I’ll contact the listing agent tomorrow, set up a time we can go look at the house!  She says, that sounds great!

Not to sound contrived, or manipulative, but THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. You help someone out, guess what?  When the opportunity arises, THEY WILL HELP YOU OUT. It’s as old as the day is long. So here’s my advice for you, and the moral of the story. If you want to get ahead in this life, and be successful?  HELP SOMEONE OUT. It has so many benefits. You’ll feel good when you do it, and it makes them happy. It feels good to be needed and helpful. AND you never know. You send an email for someone, take one minute out of your day,

You might sell a house because of it. 

-Clint Curtis


2 thoughts on “Help Someone Out

  1. thomasduanecurtis

    Hey, Clint,

    Your Dad suggested that I read your recent e-mail. He didn’t say why, just said that you are getting philosophical. Congratulations from me !!!!, too. Your Dad is really proud of you (and your family).

    Love, Mary


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