Bands Canceled The Show Because Jordan Got His Fingers Cut Off

I’m working a real estate deal, and ironing mounds of shirts. Why do them at the same time? They put in an offer, you get with your seller, you talk about it, come up with a counter-offer. Then you go back to the selling agent, tell them the deets, they go back to their client. And then back and forth it goes. 340k with the red couch… 330k with the red couch and the coffee table and the vase. So you’re sitting there, waiting, trying to keep your cool through it, might as well iron some shirts, take the mind off it.

It’s 8pm, the deal’s not done, but it’s time to go work at the bar. It’s snowing heavily out, the first snow of the year, better leave early. I hang up my 19th shirt, take off.

I get in around 8:30pm start setting up the bar. Some of the band members are there, loading in gear. I start out with getting the ice.

As I’m scooping, I hear, extremely loud, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! What in the holy hell? Probably some of the band members horsing around. Or maybe it’s serious, I don’t know. I peak my head out down the hall, I see the sound guy, walk by, expressionless. Huh. Band must be just getting crazy. I scoop the ice, two buckets full, I make my way back to the bar.

As I’m walking by the stage, a band member passes me by, I say, what was that? He says, Jordan. He cut his fingers off.


Cut his fingers off?

I look over quickly, I see Jordan, in one of those old school letterman’s jackets, maybe a bit too small for him, pacing back and forth, holding his hand. Uh-oh. What just happened?

He starts screaming. AHHHHHHH. It almost seems fake he’s going on so much.

Then I see the blood.

It’s just pouring through his fingertips. Shit.

I exclaim, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!? Band member says, Jordan was loading in an amp, he slipped, the amp fell down on his fingers. I say, Jesus Christ! Yeah, he says. I PICKED UP HIS FINGER OUTSIDE.

I look over, Jordan is pacing still, but now he’s on the phone, talking to someone rapidly. My name is Jordan Black I’m at the Vaudeville Mews, I CUT OFF TWO OF MY FINGERS!!!

Holy cripes. I get the shivers just hearing it. I’m trying to not look at his hand. I take it he’s calling for an ambulance. I’m wondering why none of us around the room is calling for him. I think it’s because WE’RE ALL IN SHOCK. Blood is dripping EVERYWHERE.

He gets off the phone, he comes to the bar, we get him a pitcher of ice, he shoves his hand down in it. It’s his right hand too. For being a young kid like he is, the kid’s a virtuoso. He plays drums, guitar, bass, who knows what else. He’s saying, painfully, I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY MUSIC AGAIN!!! This is absolutely heartbreaking. I say, as calmly as possible,

Jordan. Listen to me. Don’t worry about tomorrow. You need to get through RIGHT NOW. Focus on getting through this moment RIGHT NOW. Don’t worry about anything else. He puts his head down, says sincerely, thanks, Clint. He gets back on the phone, says, Mom. Don’t worry…but I just cut two of my fingers off. I look down at the pitcher. It’s turning red. He is losing a lot of blood. This is absolutely horrifying.

Then he says, I don’t care. I’m playing the gig tonight.

He’s in shock.

Everyone around him says, Jordan, no you’re not. It’s ok, don’t worry about it. Then he starts apologizing. I’m so sorry… Jesus this kid is amazing. His fingers got cut off, and he still feels bad about NOT PLAYING THE GIG. This kid IS TO BE ADMIRED.

Sirens get closer and closer, I say, Jordan. Can you walk outside, I think the ambulance is here. He says, yeah. I say, keep the pitcher, don’t worry about it. He says, ok, and exits.

Everybody in the room, all the band members, just stand around in shock. We’re all just shaking our heads. Poor Jordan. To happen to this kid. Not good. I KNOW I KNOW he’s going to be able to play again. I just know it. They’ll be able to fix it, he’ll be back on his feet on stage in no time.

The bands decide to cancel the gig. After what went down, nobody feels in the mood for any kind of party. We need to call the booker, Vladd Daskland. Tell him what happened.

I say to the door guy, call Vladd. Tell him bands canceled the show because Jordan got his fingers cut off.

My phone dings at that very minute. I look, it says,

Buyers want to counter at 332.

-Clint Curtis

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