There Is No Competition 

I feel like I’ve had it all wrong for years and years and years of my life, and it just recently dawned on me while I was eating carrots. No, I don’t think the carrots had anything to do with it, it was just that I was eating carrots at the time. 

I realized…

There is no competition. 

I’m going to put that there, and for a moment in your life, you’re going to listen to someone, and embrace that it’s an absolute fact. 

There is no competition. 

Well, what do I mean by that, exactly?

See the person to your right that you’re running against?

You’re not running against them!!!  You’re running against yourself. 

See your potential RIGHT THERE you can barely reach it right now because you haven’t figured out how to. But if you keep on, keep on, keep on, KEEP ON reaching, you’re going to get closer and closer and closer still to your POTENTIAL. 

I capitalized that word because it’s SO important. 

When you “lose the game” you don’t lose it because you weren’t first when you crossed the finish line. NO. You didn’t win because you didn’t reach your potential. THAT’S ALL WE HAVE!!!  Oh you didn’t WIN who cares?!?!  What matters is you live up to your potential. We are ALL given potential, maybe more some than others. But, maybe not?  I believe people every, every day SABOTAGE their potential. I see it all the time from behind the bar. They’d rather hide behind a drink. They’re afraid to fail so they don’t ATTEMPT and then they get NO WHERE and no closer to their potential. 

I’ve always thought, at the end of our lives, we die, then we stand before GOD and most of us who haven’t really lived will bow their heads in shame because God will have his clipboard and look down the list at all those potential moments in your life you could have lived 

If you weren’t so terrified of losing. 

And I’m here to say, as simply as I can, that you’ll never lose if you don’t STRIVE TOOTH AND NAIL to reach your potential. 

Then God will give you a hug, and some ranch for your carrots. 

-Clint Curtis

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