Who Covered The Graffiti?

Couple months ago, I get into Noce, and someone has graffitied all over the outside wall.  Red paint.  I’m like, what’s up, man?  Why you gotta go doin’ that?  I get in, talk to Max the GM about it.  The bosses have seen it.  They’re not happy.  It really stands out too.  The wall color is black.  Well…  maybe not black, but a really dark grey.  So imagine someone comes up with a red spray paint can, makes a cute design.  Right in the middle of the wall.  And it wasn’t Banksy, unfortunately.

Weeks go by, nobody does anything about it.  As I drive by on my way to my parking space, I think, I’m just gonna get a can of paint, a paintbrush, and just do it.  Take 10 minutes.  But I’m busy, like everybody else is, and so it just sits there looking dumb.  I kinda just forget about it.  Maybe hoping someone else in the crew will deal with it.  But nope.  Not high on the priority list.

Two days ago, I get to work, there’s a guy outside, with a spray paint can, covering the graffiti.  Finally!  Someone dealing with it.  I would’ve gotten around to it at some point.  But it was nice to see someone taking the bull by the horns, and covering up the tag.

But you know it’s weird, I’ve never seen this guy before.  Who is this?  Maybe some guy the bosses or Max hired?  He looks in his forties.  He’s really taking his time on it too.  But something doesn’t seem right.  Why is he just using a spray paint can?  I think some paint would probably be better.  Whatever.  One last thing I have to worry about, so check that off the list.

Today, before the show, I’m sitting with Max, and one of the owners, we’re talking about this and that.  Max says, did you see someone painted over the graffiti?  I say, yeah.  I saw the guy that did it.  That wasn’t some guy you hired?

They both look at me, shake their heads, and start laughing.




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