A Bunch Of Whiskeys

It’s Friday night at Noce.  A chill night, not too crowded, we’ve got a sax player from Chicago on stage tearing it up.  At around 7:30pm, we decide to cut one of the cocktail servers.  Usually it’s me behind the bar, and two cocktail servers working the tables.  Tonight, there’s just not enough people to warrant two cocktail servers, and one of my servers doesn’t mind being cut.

The server I cut is an awesome girl.  I’ve known her for years, I met her over 10 years ago, she dated a friend of mine.  Her name is Kiki.  She’s had her journey in life, and is now settling down a bit with a growing family.  She actually just had a kid, and seems to be a great mom.  She’ll be with her kids all week, come into work, and then show me pictures of said kids.  Look at this one, Clint.  Oh, look at this one.  She’s a proud mama.

Kiki, in her past life, loved to party.  She’s always been a lot of fun, kinda crazy, but now she seems devoted to raising her kids right.  Since she’s worked, she’s never had anything to drink.  Of course, you’re pregnant, you stop drinking, but I’d love to see her cut loose a bit now that’s she’s had the kid.  At the end of shifts, I ask her, you want a drink?  She’s declined.

But tonight, after she’s cut, she says, I think I’ll have a drink.  I’m like, awesome!  What can I make you?  She says, um…  I think I’ll have a Templeton Kicker.  She goes to sit at the bar, I pour her a nice, strong drink.  Emphasis on strong.  She deserves it!  She’s been an amazing worker at Noce so far, and I’m happy to see her be able to relax with a drink.

She’s told me in the past that her boyfriend wants to be the first person she goes out with for a drink post-baby.  His name is Jake.  I haven’t met him yet, but seems to be a cool dude from what I’ve heard.  She’s sitting at the bar, enjoying her drink, but I can tell she’s feeling guilty that she’s not drinking with him.  C’mon, girl.  You can go out with him anytime.  Enjoy your drink!

She finishes her drink after about 40 minutes, I go up, and say, how ‘bout one more drink?  She says, Jake’s going to kill me!  She’s cute, worrying about him.  Maybe I’m a terrible influence.  I say, nah.  You can have one more.  She semi-reluctantly says, ok.  I’ll have one more.  I say, great!  I make her another one, this time not semi-strong, this one straight up strong.  Oh I’m a terrible person.  Hey, my friend just had a kid, she’s been good for a year.  She can have another one.

The night goes on, really great music.  Talent on stage!  This place Noce is cool.

About half-hour later, there’s Kiki, her glass is empty.  I go to her.  How about another one?  She says, NO!!!  I’m DRUNK!!!  Oh that’s awesome.  She says, what am I going to tell Jake?  I say, just tell him the truth!  You got off work early, you had a couple drinks, no big deal.  She says, NO, I CAN’T!!!  Then she says, maybe I’ll just tell him I tripped,

And fell on a bunch of whiskeys.



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