Two Todd Long’s

When someone starts a tab at the club, they give us a card, and we keep it in a Rolodex type case behind the bar.  We organize them under last names.  Your last name is Jones, we put it in the J section.  It seems to be working out ok thus far.  You ready for your tab?  We find your card in the Rolodex, run it through the Square system, give you your card, and receipt back to you.  Pretty simple.  I was at a bar recently where I gave them my card to start a tab, they ran it into their POS system, and gave it back to me, before I settled up.  I thought that was pretty cool.  We’re not there yet at Noce.  Those systems cost like 50 grand.  Baby steps.

In the past, I’ve made mistakes with people’s cards.  It happens.  You run the wrong card, get in a hurry.  It’s a pretty easy fix.  I go into the system, void the charge, no big deal.  Every once in a while I give the wrong card to the wrong person.  That always sucks.  Especially if they take off with it.  Oh yeah, you know your card you gave me, Mr. Jeff Bridges?  I gave your card to Joe Bridges.  My bad.  Let me go kill myself now, I’ll be right back.

Last night, my cocktail server approaches me, says, I ran the wrong card.  She’s got the card in her hand, so not a big catastrophe.  I say, ok.  Let’s void it out.  She says, ok.  I had two tabs with the same name.  What?  Yeah, two Todd Long’s.  Woah.  What are the odds of that happening?

Think about that for a second.  Not just the same last name.  That happens.  Smith.  Anderson.  BUT THE SAME ENTIRE NAME.

I let her off the hook on that one.  That’s unprecedented.

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