Stop Reading The News

Last Friday, I decided to quit reading the news.  Well, let’s see how long I can go without going to CNN, or Huff Po or TMZ for my trashy, Hollywood news.  I needed a change.  I was getting so wrapped up in current events, it was really bringing me down.  “Consumed” is an appropriate word for it.  What’s happening in politics, oh did you hear what he said on Twitter today?  Cops killing African-Americans, cops getting killed.  It was becoming too much for me.  It was my WORLD VIEW.  Everything is going to hell!!!  There’s no one to trust!!!

Something that prompted me to lay off on the news for awhile was a stand-up routine I watched on Netflix.  I’d been hearing for years about this controversial comic who died in the 90’s named Bill Hicks, and I stumbled on his last special on Netflix called Bill Hicks: Revelations.  It was quite good, I’d recommend it.  In one part, he’s talking about being obsessed by the news, watching it 24/7.  Murder, corruption, rioting, it’s really getting to him.  Then he looks out the window, and the birds are chirping.  He thinks to himself, where is this all happening?!?!

This was back in ’93, and I was feeling the same exact way, and it’s over 20 years later.

So last Thursday night, I said, that’s it.  Tomorrow morning, I’m going to wake up, and I’m going to change my routine.  I’m not going to open my eyes, grab my phone, open up CNN, then my other news sites, then Facebook.  Oh yes, my friends.  Facebook too.  That’s everybody sharing the “news” and it can be a real Pissed-Off Fest.  So gotta turn your back on that too.

The weekend was actually kind of tough.  I had a busy weekend at Noce, so took my mind off things.  But I felt an EDGE.  Reading all that crap is just another addiction in a long line of addictions we pick up.  You stop doing it, guess what happens?  Yep.  Withdrawals.  I felt like I was missing out.  I wonder what’s happening out there?  And it truly was a strange, eye-opening experience.  Almost INSTANTANEOUSLY all of it vanished from my life.  No more shaking my head at the ridiculous things the Presidential candidates were doing.  No more anger at all the injustice happening in the world.  It was just me, and those who came in my path over the weekend.  And now, in five days, my life has changed dramatically for the better.

Guess what I did last night?  You will never guess in a million years.  Ok, I’ll tell you.

I read a book.

I used to always be reading a book.  I’d go to the library, and check out ten books, and religiously read for 2-3 hours a day.  Somehow, I stopped doing that a year and a half ago.  Part of it was my frustration on finding a good book that kept my attention.  Then when I started studying for my real estate license, and working two other jobs, I ran out of time.  But a big part was I was spending too much time reading the news.  And that’s not peaceful reading, as you can imagine.  It stresses you out, it affects you, in so many negative ways.  It becomes a part of your life when it doesn’t need to.  You don’t need to read about all of the terrorism happening in the world.  It does you no good, and may make you paranoid.  You stop reading that crap, you look out the window, and indeed, it’s ACTUALLY a nice day.

And the birds are chirping too.

I’ve decided I’m going to keep on going with this.  Maybe you should think about joining me?  It’s super-simple.  Tomorrow, wake up, and just don’t read the news.  Sorry, don’t look at social media.  Do it for three days, see what happens.  You can make it for three days, surely you can.  You’re a strong person, with massive amounts of will-power.  This will be CAKE for you.

And then at the end of the three days, reflect on your life, and see if you have more of a positive outlook on things.

I think you may be surprised.


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