The Maytags Album Release Party

Yesterday, I get a text from an old buddy of mine, Mr. Dustin Smith.  We go way, way back.  For one, I’ve been watching him play music for probably 10 years now.  Super talented guy.  Great voice, talented songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.  Then we started working together at the bar, and I saw another side of him.  Hard, hard worker.  Meticulous.  Organized.  Easy going.  Guy is a true inspiration, and has taught me a few things over the years.  I care about him a lot.

So he texts me yesterday, and invites me to his album release party at Wooly’s tonight.  You know what?  I feel like I haven’t seen a full on rock show for awhile now, I’d love to see Dustin again, so why not go to the show, hear some great music, and show my support?  I respond, I’m in, see you there.

Today’s been a great day, real productive.  There’s been a PILE of bags in my basement waiting to go to Goodwill, and TODAY’S THE DAY I’m going to take care of it.  We’re talking, I’ve been walking by this eyesore for 5 months now.  It started out small, just a bag or two, but then has grown exponentially since the beginning of the year.  But then of course, you do one thing, that turns into, I’M GONNA ORGANIZE MY ENTIRE FRICKING BASEMENT.  But I’m feeling good and motivated, let’s get it done.

I call up to my son.  Liam!  Can you come down here, please?  He comes down after five minutes.  Yeah?  Yeah, could you help out your dear old dad?  He says, no.  I say, c’mon.  Help me out here.  I want you to carry all of these bags upstairs, out to the car for me.  We’re taking them to Goodwill.  But…but…I’ve got to help Henry with his Leggo’s.  I say, that can wait.

Miraculously, he gets to it, and I keep on organizing on my end.

I pause work half-hour later, go upstairs, load up the car with the Goodwill stuff.  I finish, let’s go, boys, we’re taking a road trip!

The boys get in, we drive cross town to the Goodwill, pull up, everybody jumps out, I open up the trunk.

A nice lady comes out with a cart, we start loading everything in it.  There’s board games, clothes the kids have outgrown, a lamp, stuffed animals.  How do we accumulate all of this STUFF?!?  I look down, my 5 year-old son Henry has his hand in one of the bags, and pulls out a CD.  Oh here we go.  Henry, we’re giving that away.  I don’t think we even have a CD player in the house.  The case says it’s KIDZ BOP.  More of a reason to get rid of it.  He says, no.  I WANNA KEEP IT.  I say, c’mon Henry.  You’re not going to listen to it.  He gives me a frown face, holds the CD close to his heart.  He is not giving that up.  Whatever.  I guess we’ll keep the CD.

On our way back home, Liam my oldest son says, I want to hear this CD!  He’s holding up the KIDZ BOP.  You know the things we do for our kids, am I right?  He says, Look.  It’s got Who Let The Dogs Out on it!!  Not a terrible song, per se, but if I go the rest of my life without hearing that song again, I think I’ll be fine.

I give a begrudgingly, ok.  Give it to me.  He takes out the CD, and just at first glance, it doesn’t look like the KIDZ BOP CD, but a recordable CD.  Someone has scribbled something on the CD in blue Sharpie.  He hands it to me, I don’t really hesitate to look at it thoroughly, I’m driving, trying to be safe, I put it in.

It takes a moment to load in, the music begins to play, and it’s

Dustin Smith.

It was a bootleg copy of a Dustin Smith show a couple years back recorded at the Vaudeville Mews.  I remember the sound guy that had recorded it, was playing it over the PA system a couple days after they recorded it, and I told him, DAMN!  That sounds so good!  I gotta get a copy of it.

And it ends up in my CD player in my car THE DAY OF his album release show.

I love it when things like that happen.

Dustin Smith plays tonight July 29th with his band The Maytags at Wooly’s in the East Village, Downtown Des Moines.  Show starts at 8:30.

See ya there.



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