Don’t Make Things Worse

I have a new philosophy on life.  Oh here we go.  I almost want to roll my eyes at my own words.  I feel like I’m constantly getting a new philosophy on life.  Honing in on what truly matters.  Something, one concept, one idea, that will sum everything up.  THIS is how you should live your life.  Something SO simple that cuts through ALL the bullshit.  It’s so refined, so clear, so concise.  If you follow this, well, life will be good guaranteed.

Anyway, TODAY, my new philosophy on life is to not make things worse.  That’s it.  You go through your day, something bad happens, fine, GOOD, it does, it happens, guess what?  DON’T MAKE THINGS WORSE.  Swallow your medicine.  No it doesn’t taste good.  No it hurts.  It’s embarrassing, whatever it is.  STOP.  It happened.  Move on, don’t make things worse.

Because let’s face it.  Bad things happen in our life, right?  Things don’t go our way most of the time.  I don’t know, maybe they do?  Maybe we just notice it when things go wrong?  Maybe 98% of the time, things go good, but we don’t notice that.  We just sure as hell notice it when things go wrong.

This year has been a huge transitional year for me.  Let me wrap it up in a nut shell.  When I was young, since I was 12 years old, I wanted to be an actor.  I worked towards that goal until I was about 27-28 years old, and then realized, at the time, that having a career as an actor, was not in the cards for me.  So, what do I do?  Time for career idea number 2.  I kind of stumbled into bartending, and did that for 13 years, and just last year, I got my real estate license, and figured, hey, I’m 44.  I can’t be a bartender for the rest of my life.  Why don’t I try doing real estate?  And that’s now what I’m doing.  But it’s not easy.  In some ways, it’s a lot like an acting career.  You wake up unemployed, every day, and you gotta get out there, and hustle your ass off, to book the gig.  And the competition can be fierce.

About a month ago, a friend of mine invited me to an AA meeting, and I went, and I’ve subsequently gone to three AA meetings, and, let me tell you, it’s an eye opener.  For one, I’m seeing guys in there I’ve served drinks to, which is kind of hilarious, I’m sure, from their perspective.  Think about it:  Finally you get the courage to put down the drink, to walk into an AA meeting, and you gotta see some bartender that got you wasted one time.  The irony is not lost on me.  But what I will say about the experience is I respect every last one of those people in the room, that had the courage to admit that they have a problem.  To get up, and tell a story about their life.  Things that maybe they’re not completely proud of.  It’s a completely inspirational place to be in, and I highly recommend it to someone that has a problem, and needs help.  But that’s the thing.  You could take the most normal, put together person, clean, sober, and invite them to an AA meeting, and I guarantee they will get something out of it, if they have an open mind.

And that’s why I thought, hey, this might not be a bad idea for me.  To go to an AA meeting.  I’m over 4 years sober right now, and this would be THE PERFECT TIME for me to start drinking, because I’m not bartending full-time now.  So I’m going to go in and do what is known as preventative maintenance.  I’m going to go in for a tune-up.  Let’s remember clearly why you got sober, Clint, and all the good things that have come out of it.  Let’s be on solid ground, so we can move on.  And, as I talked about in the beginning, LET’S NOT MAKE THINGS WORSE.  Because trust me I know things can get worse.  Oh yes.  They can ALWAYS GET WORSE.  You’re crazy if you think they can’t, my friend.  Because they can, and they will.

So what I do know to reiterate things is I give good focus when things go wrong.  Ok, this happened.  Now.  If I did this, would it make things worse?  It would?  Great.  Don’t do it then.  Ride out the storm, tomorrow will come, and things will probably blow over, because you stopped things before they could get worse.  Because, see, bad things are going to happen.  That’s inevitable.  That’s IN THE CARDS FOR ALL OF US.

So just swallow the medicine, man up, and move on.

And don’t do ANYTHING that might make it worse.



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