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God Gets Me A Deal On Brake Pads

I’m driving around my fairly new/used car last week, I hear a beep, look down, and I see a dreaded red light go on, with a dreaded new red icon glowing.  When you hear that kind of beep, and see that glowing red icon beaming out for the first time, if you’re me, the first thought that hits your brain is, there goes a $1,000.  I know next to nothing about cars, but I know when that light goes on, it means, get out the wallet.


Oh Holy Hell, here we go.

I drive around for a couple days, trying to ignore it, but you know how that works.  Every time you turn on the car…BEEEEEEP.  Lights go on, and stay on.  You can avert your eyes, but you know it’s still there.  Hey guy, you know that savings account you have?  Well…it’s about to get a lot smaller.

On Monday of this week, I call up my guy at the car dealership to get a quote.  His name is Brad, and is a super cool guy.  I would almost consider him a friend.  He’s come into the bar a couple times to see me, and seems like a really good guy.  I call him when I have a question, and he’s always very professional, and gets me the info I need.  A good guy to have in your corner when you know next to nothing about cars.

He gets back to me after checking with billing, and gives me a quote of…

$900 for brakes and rotors.

Oy Vey.

There’s a lot of things I’d rather spend 900 bucks on right now instead of brake pads, let me assure you.

On Tuesday, I call up another place, shop around.  Why the heck not?  He gives me a quote of $550.  A helluva lot less painful than 900 bucks, for sure.  After I get off the phone, an idea strikes.  I met this guy Tommy about 3-4 years ago at the bar, who’s a mechanic.  We hit it off, and he told me, if I ever needed a mechanic, to hit him up.  Hmmm.  The problem is, when I met him, he wasn’t living in Des Moines.  Another problem is, I don’t know his last name.  Let me Google Tommy Iowa Mechanic, maybe something will come up.  Not bloody likely.  Wait…maybe by some miracle I had put his name/number in my phone.  Who knows how many numbers I have in there?  I search Tommy, and nope.  Only my cigar buddy Tommy comes up.

C’est la Vie.

I call up the second place, make a reservation to come in on Thursday.

Last night I’m hanging with buddies, watching the Cubbies play.  I get on my phone, go on Facebook, oh I’ve got a Friend Request.  Who could that be?

So many miracles happen in our life.  They can be life-changing, huge, monumental, or they can be small, like thinking about a person one day, some random dude that you met at a bar 4 years before, and then the next day, miraculously, he reaches out to you.

You can do two things.  You can shrug it off, say, that’s cool, whatever.  Or you can FREAK OUT AT THE PROBABILITY OF IT ALL!!!!

I’ll be seeing Tommy on Sunday at 11.  And he’s saving me 150 bucks!!!