Monthly Archives: May 2017

A Baseball Analogy

I was having an interesting conversation recently with a fellow Realtor.  He’s this big baseball fan, actually coached baseball for a while.  Me on the other hand, not really interested in baseball.  But I can appreciate someone’s appreciation for the game.  So we’re talking, and he tells me, do you know what Babe Ruth’s batting average was?  I say, I have no idea.  He says, it was .342.  I say, you know, to be honest with you, I never really understood that number.  Is that really good?  He says, it’s out of 1000.  In Babe Ruth’s case, it basically means he hit the ball 34% of the time.

Huh.  Now that’s a really interesting statistic to me.  Here you got this guy, one of the greatest baseball players of all time, and he hits the ball 34% of the time.  So 66% of the time, he’s missing.  Does that sound like a great average to you?  Not really.  He is MISSING a majority of the time.  66% of the time, to be exact!

And here’s another analogy on life.  Every day, we get up, we swing at the ball.  Are we going to hit a home run every time we swing?  Hell no.  Are we going to make CONTACT with the ball, every time we swing?  PROBABLY NOT.  So what can you do?  Sure, you can keep on swinging, every day.  Practice, of course.  That helps.  But MENTALLY you have to accept, if you compare life to the baseball analogy, that you’re going to miss a majority of the time.  But in the LONG RUN, you’re going to hit it 30% of the time, at a pro level.  So don’t sweat every time you miss it.  That’s going to happen.  The majority of the time.  Just swing, swing, keep on swinging.

And take the emotion out of the missing.  Because it’s inevitable.  Even for someone like the Babe.