The Path Is Ours To Make

Sometimes when it’s slow behind the bar, and there’s a few people at the bar, I like to open up, and engage a patron in a philosophical conversation.  I’m not much of a small talker, for the most part, I like to talk about meaningful stuff to me, and things I’m thinking about at the present moment.  Last night, there was a young man at my bar, and I threw it at him.

Are you a religious person?  He thinks for a moment, then says, yes.  I am.  I’m a Christian.  I say, great.  I’ve been thinking about a concept recently.  And I’m not saying there is, or isn’t, a higher power somewhere.  But what if our brains have been conditioned over time to believe that there is someone watching.  Perhaps, someone controlling our destiny.  If you believe in the idea that God or whoever has control over our life, giving it direction, isn’t that perhaps a egocentric, or, in a way, a selfish view?  If he is giving you this or that, wouldn’t it affect someone else, possibly in a negative way?  Let’s say you get the job you’re interviewing for, over someone else, and you believe that there was a “God influence”, then that would mean that God was working against the other applicants for the job.  And that would mean that he has preferential treatment for you.  That, for some reason, you are more important or more significant or luckier than the next guy.  I have a problem with that.

I ask, do you ever feel completely ALONE?  He says, no.  I don’t.  I say, I’ve always kind of felt the same way.  That someone is watching, or in control of my destiny.  But, like I said before, evolution may have caused part of our brain to believe that there is some control from a higher force.  Maybe in a past incarnation of man, they didn’t have that, and perhaps, that man had more chaos in his life.  Because he didn’t feel the presence of God, and felt alone, perhaps he didn’t feel accountable for his actions.  Therefore, the chaos, and lack of a possibility for a society with rules, and cohesion.  If we didn’t feel this presence, mankind would not progress.  Maybe that form of man died out because of it, and a new man, with this God-presence feeling, arose from the ashes.

He says, I’ve never really thought about that.

I say, so recently, I’ve been trying to control my brain into believing that there’s a programming involved, and it’s been liberating.  To believe that there’s, in actuality, no one watching, that I can have some privacy, that there’s no one judging me, and that I can have full control over my destiny, instead of some other higher force.  That I can stand on my own, and not wait for destiny to play its hand.  I can get up in the morning, make my own decisions on what path my life will take.  But like I said before, even with this theory, I’m not negating the idea of a higher force.  I’m just saying that we are in the driver’s seat.  That we, and we alone, control our destiny, and regulate what we do and do not do, and are responsible completely for our actions, and how we follow societies rules.

He says, hm.  I’ll have to think about it.

Then he went back to his laptop, and answered more emails.



1 thought on “The Path Is Ours To Make

  1. iowamusicshowcase

    I have always thought this!

    It doesn’t mean that there isn’t some higher power or force, but…

    Our brains are designed to look for patterns. Finding patterns help us predict things and survive. Unfortunately, sometimes we find patterns that aren’t really there, like seeing a face on one of those unused tv channels in the old days.

    So how can we know if there’s a real pattern to life and the universe, or if we’re just creating one?


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