In Praise Of Dumb People

I’m doing some afternoon bartending at the hotel, I’ve got around five people at the bar.  I listen in on conversations occasionally when it’s slow.  Always possible material for my writing.  Middle-aged man is speaking to a younger guy in his early 30’s.  He seems to have strong opinions from his lengthy experience on Planet Earth.  Oh everybody’s got advice, don’t they?  I’m actually getting sick of advice, as of late.  It’s usually BAD advice, in my opinion, and distracts you from what you should be doing.  Going with your gut and instinct.  Not what some 50 year-old did in his life.  And they usually give you hypocritical advice.  BUT they learned from their mistakes, didn’t they?

He says, I always told my kids, life is hard when you’re smart, but really difficult when you’re dumb.

At first glance, this “saying” seems to be a truism.  Sure, you want to be smart, right?  You want to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation.  But have you met a lot of highly intelligent people?  Yeah, they’re the ones that are usually the most miserable.  “Dumb people” actually seem to enjoy life more.

I say, to him, I have to disagree with that statement.  I’m really smart, and hate everything.  There’s like three things I like in the world.  But dumb people?  THE WORLD IS THERES.  They’re not all pretentious, and are content and happy with a lot of things, in my estimation.

His saying of how it’s easier to be smarter than dumber?  I think “ignorance is bliss”, if you’re going to use a cliche, overrides it.

And again, don’t listen to advice from old people.  They are giving advice to you that might’ve worked in the 50’s.

The world has changed.  And dumb people rule the world.


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