Lemonade Without Sugar In It

I’m serving at the bar, I go up to a table, there are four people sitting down.  I say my salutations, hi, I’m Clint.  Will you be eating food tonight, or just drinks?  Drinks.  Great.  Let’s start with you.  What can I get you?

I make my way around the table.  Tito’s soda with a lime.  A Des Moines IPA from Confluence (a delicious local).  A glass of Malbec.  I get to the 4th woman.  She asks, do you have sugar-free lemonade?

What the hell?  Sugar-free lemonade?  I darest say, I’ve never in my 45 years heard of sugar-free lemonade.  What is that?  Lemon juice?  But there is NO WAY this woman wants a pint of lemon juice.  And furthermore, I don’t believe we have a pints-worth of lemon juice.  That sounds horrible anyway.

I say, no.  I’m sorry.  We don’t have lemonade that doesn’t have sugar in it.  What is your second choice?

She thinks for a second, then says, I’ll take a glass of water, without ice.

That…I can do.



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