Can You Ask A Bartender How Much A Drink Costs?

Can you ask a bartender how much a drink costs?  Of course you can!  But you can also MURDER someone. And is that right?

Depending on the bar you’re in…no, scratch that. No matter what bar you’re in in the world, when asking the price of a drink, or a beer, you will inevitably get an eye-roll from your friendly/perhaps not-so-friendly bartender. The eye-roll may be imperceptible, or obvious, but I guarantee it will be executed. Why?  Well, the initial reaction from your bartender, no matter how open-minded, or understanding he or she may be, will be that you are cheap. No high rollers, or even medium rollers, ask how much a drink costs. It just doesn’t happen. They lay it down, and usually tip generously. And that’s the key. FOR THE MOST PART (of course there are outliers) those who ask for the price are usually bad tippers, or no tippers at all. But what should you do if you’re on a tight budget, and need to know how much a drink costs?

If this is the case, you shouldn’t be going to a bar. Hit up the grocery store, buy a case of Bud Light Lime, and have at it. Your cheapness/lack of funds will therefore never be noticed. Except for perhaps with the check out girl.

Ok, you’re at a bar with your homies, you got to hold something, but your wallet’s thin. Here’s my strong advice:  go for the domestic. Bud Light, Coors Light, et al will probably cost you six bucks tops. At your local dive, probably around three-fitty, four. Tip the bartender a dollar for the beer, and you’re an up-and-coming player. Want a taste of the good stuff?  The Macallan 12? The Grey Goose?  Pass on it if you feel the urge to ask for the price. 

Sure I’ve been broke before. Who hasn’t that have been in college?  If you can’t AT LEAST bring a 20 to the bar, don’t go out. Invite your friends over for some Xbox, and tell them to bring a six of PBR, and you’ll “pay them back.”  And PLEASE all-mighty, don’t bring your laundry change, and slap it on the bar. Your friends will be mortified, and the deep breath and exhale from your bartender will be heard at the coffee shop next door. 

So can you ask your bartender how much a drink costs?  OF COURSE!  But SHOULD you?

My advice to you is a concise NO.



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