Less Talent Than A Pen

Two ladies at the bar, I start up a conversation. Hey, how you doing?  Where you from, what are you doing in Des Moines?  It’s a hotel bar, so mainly people from out of town. They say, we’re working on a show at the Civic Center. I say, are you performers? No. I’m Master Carpenter, she does lighting. 

The woman that’s the Master Carpenter is this gorgeous black woman. She’s got these long, perfectly manicured nails. I say, if you’re a Master Carpenter, how do you keep those nails so nice?  I’d think you’d chip a nail. They laugh, her friend says, she just points to her minions with them. You do this, you do this. Make them do the dirty work. Master Carpenter says, I need to make one into a Philips screwdriver. I say, that’s an idea!

They go back to their conversation, I go back to bartending. 

After awhile, I start doing dishes. The grind part of the job. The two ladies are in front of me, I listen in on their conversation. 

God, the cast just SUCKS. NO talent. 

I say, why do they suck?

The Lighting Girl says, we got a whole new cast last week. 

She grabs a pen off the bar, the pen she used to sign her tab. 

She says, you see this pen?  This pen has as much TALENT as the cast. 

She starts clicking the pen, the button on the top. 

She says, wait a second. No. I’m wrong. This pen has MORE TALENT than the cast. 

Oh God I had to laugh at that one. 




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