Never Say One More

I’m working a banquet tonight, guy comes up, orders a Jim Beam and Diet.  I get it for him, he tips me a buck, takes off.  About 20 minutes later, he comes back up, asks for another one.  I get him another Jim Beam Diet, he tips a buck, takes off.

About half-hour later, Mr Jim Beam comes up, says, give me ONE more.  I say, hang on, hang on now.  Why you putting yourself up to a wall like that?  You’re just setting yourself up for failure.  No need to say one more.  You say one more, then you feel guilty coming back up, if you want another one.  It’s like in life.  Don’t make any promises, you won’t let anyone down, including yourself.  He laughs, says, ok.  Give me another one.

20 minutes later, Mr Jim comes back up to the bar, with an empty glass, sets it down,

And just smiles.




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