New Gig At St Kilda

I recently started a new bartending gig at St. Kilda in downtown Des Moines.  It was one of those serendipitous moments when I went in for lunch with a friend, and left an hour later with a job.  And I’m LOVING IT so far.  It’s a different kind of bartending gig.  I mainly work with the servers getting specialty cocktails to their tables.  I’m more like a chef, working behind the scenes, with less contact with customers.  The only thing I miss about my new job is having those wonderfully insightful conversations with drunk people (I jest).  Oh I don’t have to cut people off anymore, putting my life in constant peril?  Oh I don’t have to clean up puke anymore?  Yes please sign me up.

I implore you to check us out.  The food is true art, and I have to say, the cocktails are delicious.  The crew I work with are top-notch.  Most of the kitchen crew were recruited from 801 Grand, a classic steak house downtown.  The servers are PROS, and greatly add to the dining experience.  And I can’t say how great the management and owners are without sounding like a complete brown-noser.  I feel thankful to be a part of St. Kilda.

When beginning a new job, it’s always a daunting task to learn people’s names.  After the first couple days, I recommended we start calling each other the first name that came to mind.  The only challenge being you couldn’t use the same name twice.  The manager walks by.  Hey Larry, could you show me how to make a Chai Latte?  A server comes behind the bar.  Hey Joel, drinks are ready for table 7.  After the third day, everybody was joining in.  As I walked downstairs to get ice, one of the line cooks walked by me and said, hey Terrence!  For a moment, I forgot the game, wondering why this guy was calling me the wrong name, and the next moment, I busted out laughing.

Come in, check us out, I’ll be behind the bar shaking and stirring Mondays, Wednesdays-Saturdays.



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