I Thought You Liked Money

I’m behind the bar, it’s been a busy night, things are winding down. It’s around 9:40PM, I start doing my cleaning duties. Wipe off counters, start cleaning espresso machine, etcetera.

At 9:50, I’m pretty much done with my cleaning, all my bar supplies are put in their proper home, ready for the next shift. I hear the front door open, four people come strolling in. I look at my watch. Damn. 10 minutes before close. They sit down, the server approaches them, they order. The server goes to the terminal, punches in the order. I look over at the kitchen, the main chef is shaking his head. Of course, he wants to get out of here.  Like I do.

The server says to me, got four cocktails coming in for you.

I grumble, oh man! Five minutes before close. I got all my shit put away, and…

He stares me down with a forceful gaze, then says, I’m sorry.

I thought you liked money.

I sputter, But…I….uh….der….

I put my head down,

And make the damn drinks.




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