You Look Like A Musician

I’m behind the hotel bar, it’s super busy, I’ve got two bar backs, and a mgr helping me, all hands on deck.

At Chair 10, a guy sits down. In about a millisecond, I gather that he’s a musician. One that’s been in the game for awhile.

He’s skinny. Nicely casually dressed, with an eye for fashion. He reminds me of Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth. Clean shaven, with a messy head of hair in his eyes. He’s got piercing blue eyes. Oh Gosh I sound like I’m in love.

After 12 years of bartending at a rock club, I can take one look at a person, and tell if he/she is a musician. Sure it’s the way they carry themselves. It’s the way they look, appearance wise. But there’s a certain je ne sais quoi that is the tip-off.

I think every great artist/writer, when you first meet them, has a certain mysterious quality. Maybe you get the feeling they’re always holding something back. Like a secret. What is the secret?

I know I’m being watched, and I’m ok with that. It’s subtle. So in a way, when you see someone who plays music, and have played on stage, possibly they’re more AWARE of themselves, and how they carry themselves. Almost as if, once they make the stage their home, and are comfortable in the spotlight, it’s hard to let that aspect go when out in the real world. Maybe it’s not the WAY they look, their clothes, their cool haircut, but it’s the awareness that people are watching them.

I walk up to him, and say, what band are you in? Sonic Youth? He smiles, and says,

Smash Mouth.



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