Never Fall Asleep At The Bar

I’m serving at the hotel.  Fairly slow night, I’ve got about three tables.  It’s nearing the end of the night.

I’m at the bar, there’s a gentleman sitting at the bar, head down.  The bartender approaches the man, and says, hey Mike.  You sleeping?  The guy raises his head, says, no, no.  I was just on my phone.

From the bartender’s perspective, with his head down, it looked like he was asleep.  But he just had his phone below the bar, out of sight.

The guy says, that’s my number one rule.  Never fall asleep at the bar.

I’d say that’s a pretty strong rule.  Might even be the most important rule someone could have.  Never fall asleep at the bar.  If you can focus on that one rule, and never break it, life should go pretty swimmingly for you.  Break the rule, there’s no telling the chaos that will become your life.



2 thoughts on “Never Fall Asleep At The Bar

  1. Dirk Baker

    Other places to not fall asleep: driving, skydiving, during sex(if you do, it may be your last time, having sex that is), while fighting a fire, swimming, the list goes on…


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