Matt McCuum Gig Log

Hey folks.  Matt McCuum is on the James Dead Is Not Dean Tour, and has been writing a Gig Log on his FB page.  Since I’m his manager/booking agent, I thought I’d start posting them here, get him some free publicity.  For the first two, please visit his FB page.  I’ll start with #3.


Gig Log #3:  Chicago

Last night I played at the Empty Can.  Setlist was Who Shot J.R.?, P.O.D., Wish I Could Use The N-Word, But I Can’t, Anarchy In The US of A, Girl From Buffalo, and a new one called Tranny Chaser.  I was so excited, the crowd was receptive, but best of all, I had them dancing, with eyes closed.  There’s one thing to hear people singing along to your music, but it’s another thing to make them dance.  There were even some guys dancing!

After my set, I went backstage, and there was a big bowl of Jelly Belly’s.  What kind of marvelous place is this?!  I grabbed a big handful, stuck it in my pocket, then grabbed another handful, and shoved them in my mouth.  If you want to know the basics about me, as my friend JB once said, you like Apple Products, Big Tits, and The Smiths.  I would add to that list Jelly Belly’s, most definitely.  ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY’RE FREE!

The drummer for the headliner was in the corner, eating nachos with melted cheese.  I approach.  

Hey, my dude.  How goes it?


Where’d you get the nachos, brother?

Down the street.  Convenience store.

Hm.  I’ve always felt iffy about eating food from convenience stores.  Those hot dogs that twirl around for days.  I’ve had food poisoning twice.


(He bites into a nacho, non-plussed)

Well, for dessert, THEY GOT JELLY BELLY’S OVER THERE.  Big bowl!

He says, yeah.  I saw that.  I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

Man, I sure do.

I left him alone after that.  He didn’t really seem to act like he wanted to chat with the lowly opener.  Also, I don’t know if I can talk with someone who doesn’t like candy.

I stuck around the club for awhile.  Had a tonic water with a lime in a tall glass.

There was a cute girl at the bar next to me.  She leans in, says,

I liked your set.

I say, hey, thanks!  What’s your name?


Hi, Julia.  I’m Matt.  You play music?

She says, nah.  I paint.

You paint?  Wow!  So cool.  Do you have any stuff on your phone you could show me?

She says, yeah.

She shows me.  She’s really good.  How exciting.

I say, I’ve got a day off tomorrow before I go to Milwaukee.  I was thinking about going to check out the Chicago Art Museum.  Wanna join?  Thinking around 11.

She checks her phone calendar, says, um…  How about noon, 12:30?

I say, yeah, sure, I’m flexible.  Will be cool to walk around there with an artist.  Maybe you can tell me some things.

She smiles, says,


-Matt McCuum




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