Matt McCuum Gig Log

Hey folks, I promised I’d keep posting Matt’s Gig Log, so here it is.  I spoke with him today, and he was a little bit hungover.  It doesn’t take much for Matt, he’s kind of a lightweight.  I guess him and Rufus hit the town, drinking fruity mimosas until the wee hours.


Gig Log #5:  The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh

I arrived at the Andy Warhol Museum about three hours early.  I wanted enough time to go floor-by-floor, painting-by-painting.  Warhol by far is my favorite artist.  I don’t think he can be topped.  He didn’t just revolutionize art, he was himself a REVELATION.  Some people I think are not really people but true aliens.  He was one.  Michael Jackson was another.  I saw Michael in concert when I was a kid back in ’86.  That dude wasn’t human.

I’m on the third floor, looking at Warhol’s take on the last supper, and up walks an old friend of mine, Rufus Wainwright.  When I lived out in LA back in the day, he was best friends with my roommate, so he’d be over the house all the time.  Super hilarious dude, and of course, way talented.  I remember, before his first album came out, he played me a demo of five songs, and it was some of the best shit I’ve ever heard.  Actually, better I believe than the versions on the album.  They always ruin the intimacy of it when you get a song in the studio.  That’s why I record my music myself, here it is, like it or not.


Ohhh shit, it’s Matt McCuuuuuum.

(We give each other a hug).

Dude!  How’s life being a big rock star?!?

He says, Fabulous.

Hey, do you remember that time I dressed you for that gig?  You wore my leather jacket.

Yes, Matt.  I remember…  What are you doing here?  Don’t you live in Kansas, or somewhere like that?

Yeah…Iowa.  Same thing.


I’m playing later on here.

Oh, nice, Matt.

Can you stick around, see the show?

You’re doing like a rap thing, right?


Mmmm.  Not my cup of tea.

Oh you asshole.  Big Rufus now.

Sorry, Matt, I got a gig later.  At a little bit bigger venue.

I say, you always were a cocky bastard.

He says, how late’s your show go?  

Uh…it’s an early one.  10pm, something like that.

Well, why don’t you come over, see me.  I’ll put you on the Guest List.

Hmmm.  Will you play April Fools?

Yes, Matt.  For you I’ll play April Fools.

-Matt McCuum



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